Micro Cutting Machine
SL-200 Micro Cutting Machine

Characteristics: this machine adopt imcro computer numerical control device can be set cutting length, setting cutting speed, setting cutting number after cutting the function, with stop model design ergonomic operating principle, easy to operate.
Usage: the machine is suitable for zippers, the paper class, heat shrinkable tubings, PVC tubings, fiberglass sleeving, (yellow tubes, silicon rubber hoses and silicon tube, iron fluorine dragon proc pipe, tape line, small wire plunge, FFC soft line line, conductive foam, conductive cloth, acetate fabric, conductive adhesive tape, copper belt, aluminum belt, stainless steel belt, fastening belt (sting hair), cotton yarn tape, plastic packing tape, copper foil, aluminum foil, silicon film, insulating, insulation slices, metallic flake, wheat pull slice, insulation film, MYLAR, APTON, PORON, CR, PV, EVA, NOMAX, PE, PET, EPE, PP, PS, 3M, NITTO etc various materials TESA, crestor long automatic cutting.

SL - 200 cutting machine parameters:

Specifications and models
SL - 200

Cutting length
0.1-9,999.9 mm

Cutting width



110V / 220V

Body color
Pearl beige luxury car interior trim color)

100kg / 130kg

Machine volume
600 x 750 x 1000mm

Packing size
600 x 750 x 1200mm

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