Micro Cutting Machine
SL-X + Y vertical and horizontal cutting machine (gas-clip)

Feature: the machine adopts advanced touch screen + PLC + precision ball screw work methods and precise control feeding size. Cutting knife organization adopt performance clutch brake system, speed, strength, easy to half broken, all broken cutting. This machine gc0328-1 way by gas cutting board, the operation is clamping is very simple, complete function.
Use: this machine is mainly used for the single sheet cut, purpose is very extensive, can be used for rubber sheet, silicon rubber pieces, double-sided adhesive, cu/al thin, rubber strip, sponge, PU membrane, zebra bars, magnetic, thermal conductive materials, shock buffering and materials, shielding materials, back light material of materials such as precision cutting and can also be used to other soft material back glue the precision cutting (back glue in materials soft material: there was a layer of stick one side can be adhesive paper), half cut (materials) or cut off all paper constantly.
Cutting area: 300 x 300mm, 500 x 500mm, 1000 x 500mm, 1000 x 1000mm, 1,200 x 1200mm or customization and so on many kinds of specifications.

Its main technical indices:
Feeding by gas cutting board itself, when began when clamping automatic feeding clamping, when returned the initial position automatically open;
Second-ranking cut or full cut half;
Second-ranking can undertake square cutting and graphics cutting;
Second-ranking cutting precision + 0.05 mm;
Second-ranking three cutting way: single dimension cutting, cutting (size can be simultaneously cutting multiple dimensions, such as: to set one knife cutting 10mm, the 2nd knife cutting 2mm,...) XY mode, cutting;
Second-ranking cutting thickness: 0 ~ 20mm (graphics cutting 5mm); when thickness <
Had the power: 2.4 KW;
Second-ranking power: 380V;
Second-ranking envelop dimensions: 1200 (long) x 86 (wide) x 1000mm (high)

Note: this machine technical indicators can be based on user needs customization.

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