Micro Cutting Machine
        Sulong initially in the Yangtze River Delta - Suzhou (Chao Long electro-mechanical operations department) then set up (soulom Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is a professional engaged in the manufacture of machinery and equipment manufacturers, the company set in R & D and professional manufacture of precision micro cutting Machine and sales, based on integrity, quality, services, business purpose, product quality, performance excellence, is widely used in electronics, footwear, luggage, handbags, clothing, and other industries. In particular, micro cutting with a machine, micro ultra-precision cutting machine, electronic cutting machine series, won the industry's quality, sure, unique.
        The company of "quality of survival, with variety and development, customer as God" in spirit, the establishment of a set of perfect quality management system. In product development, and constantly increase the scientific and technological input to develop the product had been in the forefront of peers. Over the years, the company adhere to the "quality assurance, lifetime warranty," the approach to high-quality products, excellent technology, perfect after-sales service, won the majority of the user's identity.
        Main Products: Micro Cutting Machine (cold-cut), Micro Cutting Machine (look type), micro-computer belt cutting machine (hot and cold dual-use type), pole seat belt cutting machine microcomputer; electronic cutting machine, pneumatic-type micro-computer cut with a machine, various types of sub-section machine.
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